Monday, 5 September 2011

Mrs. F

So I just got back from a jet-ski ride at 4.30 am in Khobar. and guess what? I saw dolphins!! i will admit i freaked out when i saw the first one since there was no one out there other than me and my husband, it was dark-ish, and all these stories about dolphins attacking people and not being as sweet as they look came into my mind.. but eventually, i got over it and it was amazing..

i've been away for quite a while now.. and i kept making notes of stuff i would write about in my blog and just never got to it! so, i looked at my blog today and just decided to write.. cuz it doesn't really matter what i say in the end.. it's a blog, and it's mine!!! nyahahahaha

one of things i wanted to do is blog about my honeymoon.. a few days into my honeymoon i realised THAT was not gonna happen, so instead i decided to keep a note book so i would remember stuff i wanted to say.. you know what happened? well.. Mr. F and I had just arrived to Bombay.. we went out that afternoon for a walk in the market which was right next to our hotel since we had a day free of tour guides to spend as we wished.. while walking through the market i found an young man who was selling the cutest little notebooks and pens. so i supressed the urge to get the blue one and went for the purple one.. i was so excited and wrote all the events for the next week.. i then got a little distracted for a few days.. but when i met Lakshmi (the cutest elephant ever) i went back to my little book to write.. to my surprise, i opened it and found it was BLANK!! it was probably something about the kind of ink and paper, but everything i wrote just vanished!

moral of the story: dont judge a notebook by its cover!

anyhow, i guess i will just have to depend on my memory to write about all the lovely things we experienced in our journey around Asia..

aaaaaand That's all folks..

for now...

Friday, 16 July 2010

Laugh Out Loud

i like to think of myself as an open minded person.. i don't make a habit out of laughing at other people's cultures..

BUT...... this is just too funny

This one is for you B!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

i have said enough..

there are times when there is just too much to say.. that you say nothing at all.. please excuse my absence.. i have too much to say..

there are times when i can't put down a book.. it tells a story of what i wish was the story of my life.. a book full of white pages with no words, and so much to say..

there are times when i feel the need to write.. i brush the dust off my pens and get a paper.. i sit there for hours, a million thoughts in my head.. i write nothing.. nothing at all.. i put my pen back and fold the paper beneath it.. i feel better.. i have said enough..

there are times when i think of u in silence.. i am sorry for what i have done wrong.. i am grateful for what u have done right! i tell u what u mean to me, in silence..

there are times when i am not sure u know.. i assure u.. i do know.. yet i say nothing..

nothing at all

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Farm Ville sucks!!!

i used to log on to facebook, and find my home page filled with stories of people planting stuff on their farms in a game called farm ville! it never did interest me in the past.. after a while of people posting about animals on their farms, crops that need to be fertilized and mystery eggs, i decided to go see what all the fuss was about.. i joined farm ville!

it was all fun and dandy in the beginning.. but as i levelled up in the game and as my farm kept expanding, i tried to make it look good.. i became obsessed with my farm (just ask Buffy).. always trying to keep it neat, successful and pretty.. i keep changing the decorations, moving my animals around, colour coordinating the flowers i grow.. however, my farm STILL SUCKS!! it's ugly!!

i just can't get it to look good, i guess i'm just not creative.. Farm ville has really put my life into perspective.. it got me thinking.. i mean, i think i am at least moderately cultured, i do have good taste, i enjoy the arts.. but i still can't make a freakin' virtual farm look good!!!!

i applied that to everything else in my life.. i can sing about twenty thousand songs with the same tune! they all start off right, then get sucked in to my creative-less abyss which makes all things BORING, PLAIN AND THE SAME!!!

i can't even draw.. i'm serious! my father is an amazing artist, and so is my mother.. i have been brought up with so much art and beauty around me, yet yesterday i was drawing something for my 5 year old niece who thought that it was a house, apple, flower, fire truck and an alien before i had to tell her i was drawing an elephant!!!

i can just imagine my future house now, i will have a blue room with only blue furniture, maybe a splash of grey here or there.. a white room with only white furniture, and maybe two wooden objects in the middle and so on.. i will have a PLAIN and BORING house!!!

i'm upset.. because i think that i have had too much exposure to beauty in my life to be boring and uncreative!! can u practice being creative?! hmmmm....

p.s. have i no more readers?! come on people three blog posts in a row!!! show me a little love.. i'm in a very dark and uncreative place right now!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Mama quotes!

While watching a random beauty contest, a complete airhead is on stage giving a speech:

my sister: "who is she? Miss what?!"

mama: "Miss-ed the point!"


While in Harrods in London, a lady wearing a pair of jeans with crystals of all shapes, sizes and colours on them, a white shirt with frills and lots of accessories passes by:

me: "talk about a fashion victim"

mama: "she is not a fashion victim, fashion is HER victim!"


i heart my mother's dry sense of humor <3

Friday, 29 January 2010

2010, coming to us with a BANG!

I like the way this year has started.. for me personally, 2010 is looking up (mashallah) but i'll save the best for last.. firstly, i wouldn't want to forget that a tragedy did take place and the people of Haiti are still suffering.. yet, one of the upsides of globalization is that no one shall be left alone, the whole world has come together yet again to help the people in need. it does make one feel better to see humanitarianism in the headlines everywhere.. If you'd like to do your part, this is a good website for donations (easy to use and does the job)..

One of the things i found amusing was the modern day Robin Hood role the pirates in Somalia have decided to play.. apparently, they have decided to steal from the rich and give to the poor! haha.. ironic! check this out..

now, back to the upside of 2010.. The i-pad! even though it is an oversized i-pod (and also sounds like an ipod from the mouth of a New Yorker, or a Saudi trying to speak in an artificial American accent) and even though it would be uncomfortable to hold up for a long period of time, i am still DYING to get one! maybe even two!! it just makes me want to throw my Kindle in the bin!! but then again, a comment my sister made today did actually make me think. she said that "if apple made toilet paper and called it i-wipe, i'd still go out to buy it and half the population of the world would too" maybe it is just the media frenzy.. hmmm.. who knows?! all i know is that as i said before, I WANT ONE!

what else? OK FINE! I can't think of anything else right now (other than my good news) but it hasn't even been a month! so, whatever! i'll just get to my part..

2010 has been especially special for me because my mother is doing much better health-wise (thank the lord), I have a new nephew (whom i shall meet in a few days inshallah), we are getting 2 new kittens in a week (they are miniature persians that are about as big as a rabbit when they are fully grown), and last but not least, I am engaged!

so, i hope the good news just keeps coming!

how has ur 2010 been looking so far?!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

just around the corner

As we approach the new year, i find myself feeling... lighter (not only because i went through very drastic means to loose weight) but even emotionally.. I am ready to leap into the New Year with a smile on my face and hope in my heart that this is it.. 2010 is gonna be MY year!!!

so, has anyone achieved any of their 2009 new year's resolutions.. I really have no idea what i vowed to achieve by 2010, so I can't really comment on my progress..

Nevertheless, as always, i will make a new list for 2010 which i might not stick to but it still gives me a sense of direction..i'm not getting into all that now.. instead.. i'm just gonna blab randomly.. "shocking"

I'm in New York at the moment (and have been since July) I'm missing London terribly, yet surprisingly, not as much as I'm missing Saudi.. can't wait to go back and see the rest of my family back home.. the below zero temperature here isn't helping either.. I need to get a pair of snow boots soon cuz when i'm out it feels like i'm ice-skating!! and i really don't want to break anything!!

One of the highlights of my stay here is this show called FuerzaBruta it's AMAZING.. I've seen it twice already and i'm planning on a third visit.. last time i went i got picked out from the audience to have a card board box-type-of-thing smashed on my head, it was filled with little pieces of paper and glitter.. basically they break the thing on ur head then u start dancing like crazy!! now that was fun!

One thing I have learnt to appreciate since i've been in the states is the mixture of apples and salad!! it's like it's an item on every menu in any restaurant (regardless of the cuisine) along with beetroot (which the Americans call beets) and tuna tartar.. what was i going on about?? oh yeah, apples and salad, it's yummy!!

before i leave u with this totally planned and well thought out post, I have one comment, and a question..

Comment: I hate how facebook changed their privacy settings it's really bugging me!!!!!!!!

Question: What the hell is google wave? I don't get what's so special about it!!!!

That'll be all for now, in the spirit of the great United States I would like to say:
Catch u Later Dudes!!!